Phare Siem Reap Circus

PPS Association, “brightness of the arts” in English, is an Artistic and Social Centre. PPS Association is a Cambodian non-profit, non-governmental association founded in 1994 by ex-refugees, young Cambodians, in the area of Anchanh Village, Ochar commune, Battambang town, Battambang Province Cambodia.


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Phsong Preng (The Adventure)

Phsong Preng (The Adventure) tells the moving and exciting story of a young Cambodian boy who leaves his hometown in search of a better life.

He flees his home, where he is abused by his mother, and meets new unusual friends from a “medicine show” waiting for a taxi. When the “taxi” arrives, they all travel to Phnom Penh. There they get to experience the dark side of life, before our hero ends up beaten and robbed by a gang of thugs finally ending up in hospital.

He is saved by a chance meeting with a band of smart street urchins, who take him in as one of their own, building his confidence and helping him to hold his head high. Bolstered by his adventures, he finally decides he is ready to return home.

Phsong Preng is a modern Cambodian tale mixing high level theatre, music, dance, acrobatics and juggling, which carries you on an emotional and exciting journey through today’s Cambodia.


Preu (Chills)

“Preu” (Chills) addresses the fears and anxieties of human beings. In a poetic and symbolic way, the show conjures up the nightmares that haunt everyone’s mind.

“Preu” presents the reaction of a student’s class towards supernatural events. Immerse yourself in the universe of “preu” without worry, because to overcome your fears, you’ll need to face them first.

“Preu” is a modern Cambodian circus play performed by Generation 5 student artists of Phare Ponleu Selpak Artistic and Social Center. The performance mixes theatre, music, dance, acrobatics, juggling, aerial acts, contortion and other circus skills to portray this beautiful story about Cambodian culture and beliefs.


Sokrias (Eclipse)

Steeped in the Cambodian culture and popular beliefs, Eclipse is a tale about discrimination. A young man, who suffers from being rejected because of his difference, prays for divine intervention. The gods transform him into a very attracting woman, suddenly getting a lot of positive attention, until a mysterious plague begins to consume all the villagers…


Khmer Metal

Khmer Metal is a bar in Phnom Penh with its nightlife theme and passion. Its rock band is pounding like your heartbeat. Reflecting on urban life, rythmed by modern music, 10 young Cambodians bring us into their journey of love story, hope, heart break and mockery with humor and humanities.


Tchamlaek (Weird)

In a lively and slightly bizarre family, the father is suffering, traumatized by the war. With him, the whole family is vulnerable. The sudden arrival of a medium will change their lives. In an attempt to soothe the father, the medium orders the building of a giant house and takes them on a trip to the moon.

Tchamlaek, which means “Weird” in Khmer, is a poetic show which humorously conveys the strange adventures of a family in the pursuit of happiness. Tchamlaek, is a Circus – Theatre show displaying high level juggling, trapeze, contortion and acrobatics.



Sokha is a war child who is haunted by visions of the atrocities carried out during Cambodian Civil War and the destruction after the Khmer Rouge regime.
This is the story of Sokha’s journey where memories and the surreal intertwine with myths and facts.

The performance uses different art forms such as circus, visual art, traditional Khmer music and dance to reveal the long term affects suffered by post war victims whilst portraying a sense of optimism.